Situation Strength Test

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An online strengths sifting and selection tool for fast, reliable and efficient assessment and recruitment

The ultimate scenario test, perfect for early sifting of high volume and high value candidates

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2 way assessment process

providing candidates with a realistic preview of the situations they will face and the strengths they will need to demonstrate to be successful in role. 

Unique currently no other product like this be the first to differentiate your brand and attract for strengths and assess ussing SST

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How does the Situational Strengths Test Work?

The Situational Strengths Test works by asking candidates to respond to a series of scenario-based questions. The way a candidate answers the questions shows whether they have the strength, and so whether they would perform well in the role.

The Situational Strengths Test is easy to embed, launch and manage, through six simple stages:

  • Understand: By looking at your job descriptions and person specifications, and by speaking to stakeholders, we understand the strengths needed to deliver performance.
  • Choose: We select scenarios from our bank which will assess the strengths needed.
  • Develop: We adapt, build upon and develop the scenarios to be appropriate for the role, as well as your brand, values and culture.
  • Trial: We trial the scenarios to understand where the pass and fail marks should be set, validating responses and scores as we go.
  • Embed: We embed the test within your online recruitment platform as required, branding it to match your application site.
  • Launch: The test goes live, candidates log on and respond to the scenarios, and we tell you who has passed and failed.

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