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Capp is a global leader in strengths based-solutions and is regularly featured in the media. Media coverage includes:

Latest News

Graduate Recruiter Magazine (print version) and AGR online – April/May

AGRGraduate recruiterStrength in Numbers
Competition to engage and attract top graduates is at an all time high, prompting recruiters to look for improved methods of assessment to ensure that they can attract and develop high potentials – filling up talent pipelines for the future. As a result, many organisations are moving away from competency-based techniques in favour of strengths-based approaches. Alex Linley, Founding Director of Capp, a leading strengths-based people management consultancy... Read more about this article
Graduate Recruiter
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The Recruiter – March 2013

recruiterHarris + Hoole recruitment: play to strengths
In this The Recruiter interview, Charlie Glynn from Harris + Hoole talks about choosing Capp’s Situational Strengths Test and Strengths-based Interview, two of the five steps from Strengths Selector, to ensure they were recruiting the right people to deliver the right customer experience – as well as, of course, making great coffee – they knew that recruiting people for what they did well, and loved to do, was the best route to success. Read more about this article

Changeboard Magazine – February 2013

ChangeboardGraduate Selection – spotting the future leaders
Changeboard interview Stephen Isherwood, Head of Graduate Recruitment at Ernst & Young, to unveil how one of the largest recruiters of graduates in the UK, has revolutionised its strategy.Read more about this article

Changeboard Blog – February 2013

ChangeboardRecruitment trends in 2013: ensuring best hires
With high levels of unemployment and 2 in 5 people expected to start looking for a new job this New Year, it seems that recruitment activity is indicative of the wider state of the economy. Jamie Betts, Principal Consultant at Capp looks at the current situation and highlights ways in which organisations can ensure the best hires in 2013. Read moreabout this article

Human Resources Magazine - January 2013

HRA feature article published in HR Magazine, where Nestlé HR Director Matt Stripe describes how Nestlé are working with Capp in using strengths-based graduate recruitment to select and recruit the best young graduate talent.

He also makes a series of great points about how strengths-based recruitment critically improves upon competency-based recruitment for graduates, who often might not have the work experience to provide the “When did you do this…” past examples that competency-based recruitment so often depends upon. Read more about this article

HR Director - December 2012

HRdirectorVirtual Handshake
One of the greatest challenges in graduate recruitment is finding genuinely great applicants accurately, efficiently and effectively. Dr Alex Linley, Founding Director at Capp, looks at the competition to attract the best graduates, as recruiters search for more effective methods of assessment to identify high potential candidates early. Read moreabout this article

Human Resources Magazine - October 2012

HRFounding director of Capp, Alex Linley, explains how Situational Strengths Test can help organisations take the stress and strain out of first round sifting.

Training Journal - September 2012

TJErnst & Young refresh graduate recruitment with Situational strengths test.Read more about this article

Ask Grapevine HR - September 2012

grapevineErnst & Young improves graduate selection process.Read more about this article

The Recruiter - September 2012

recruiterGlobal accountancy firm Ernst & Young is making a significant change to its UK graduate selection process this year with the introduction of a new test. Read more about this article

HRZone - August 2012

HRzoneResearch from HM Treasury published prior to the release of this year's A-level results has shown that a record number of young people are seeking alternatives to university and are turning instead to apprenticeships or on-the-job training schemes. Here, Nicky Garcea, director at Capp, explains how Ernst & Young uses strengths-based assessment for its graduate recruitment. Read moreabout this article

Press Releases

Leading people management consultancy launches partnership with Sonru to aid recruiters

12 March 2013

Capp, a global strengths-based people management consultancy, has announced a new partnership with Video Selection vendor Sonru to help organisations select the best talent.

By teaming up with Sonru, a one-way online video interviewing screening solution, Capp is now able to offer clients an innovative and effective way to streamline their recruitment process, select better candidates to bring forward for interview while minimising recruitment costs.

A global leader in its industry, Sonru is used by hundreds of companies across the globe, including food giant Nestlé. It allows organisations to create interview questions, before sending an invitation to candidates via email to submit their video responses.

Twinned with Capp’s five-step ‘Strengths Selector’ – a programme designed to integrate effective strengths-based recruitment – the partnership will increase efficiencies in the search for talent allowing employers to assess responses on energy and motivation as well as performance and use.

“We know that companies struggle to find the right people using more traditional methods of recruitment,” said Capp’s Founding Director, Dr. Alex Linley.

“Our approach has already begun to change the face of talent searching, by moving away from competency methods in favour of a strengths-based method. Our relationship with Sonru will allow employers to identify the best candidates, filling up talent pipelines for the future.

“There is no longer a need to schedule time-consuming preliminary interviews, as recruiters are now able to set their questions then view responses at a time convenient to them.

“This removal of phone and face-to-face first stage interviews allows recruiters to make better use of their time and budgets as well as allowing flexibility for candidates.”

Capp has over ten years of experience in the strengths-based recruitment sphere with clients including Aviva, Ernst & Young, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and Barclays Investment Bank amongst many others.

Commenting on the partnership, Rachel Doogue, Global Alliances Director at Sonru said: “Sonru welcomes this partnership with Capp - a recognised and highly reputable people management consultancy known for strengths-based recruitment.  Capp is synonymous with best-practice interviewing and we are delighted to be selected as a partner to assist their clients seeking to optimise their interview process.”

To find out more about Capp, visit –
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To find out more about Sonru, visit -

Capp Launches New Strengths Selector Website for Strengths-based Recruitment

29 January 2013

With HR budgets being squeezed and the fight for talent at an all time high, global strengths-based people management consultancy, Capp, has launched Strengths Selector to help organisations ensure they get the right people into the right roles.

Strengths Selector is Capp’s five-step approach to strengths-based recruitment, incorporating: Attraction, Situational Strengths Test, Interviews, Assessment Centres and On-boarding.

“Organisations are really struggling to fill their talent pipelines using traditional methods of recruitment,” commented Dr Alex Linley, founding director of Capp.

“With this in mind, we wanted to break the trend and have turned the traditional methodology on its head. To change the face of recruitment, we have developed Strengths Selector as the five steps of strengths-based recruitment, which can either be used from end-to-end or independently to suit a client’s exact requirements.

“For us, identifying strengths through the recruitment process is the perfect solution. We know that it creates interest and inspires loyalty from first contact with talent, whilst at the same time, it creates a stimulating and engaging experience for candidates, which will ultimately captivate the talent over competitors that are using more traditional competency-based methods of recruitment.

“From a business perspective, we know that recruitment budgets are shrinking, so strengths-based recruitment can be sure to offer a real return on investment. Cost per hire reduces, attrition levels reduce, while quality, performance, engagement and morale all increase – all simply by recruiting people who are using their strengths (those who perform exceptionally well doing things they love to do).

Capp have been leading the field of strengths-based recruitment for over seven years, with a track record of success for clients including Aviva, Ernst & Young, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and Barclays Investment Bank, amongst many others.

Further information:

Strengths Selector –
Capp –

Ernst & Young refresh graduate recruitment with Capp’s Situational Strengths Test

September 2012

Global Accountancy Firm Ernst & Young is refreshing its UK graduate selection process this year, by introducing a new Situational Strengths Test.

The company is working with Capp, a leading strengths-based people management consultancy , for the project, which aims to increase efficiencies in the first stage assessment sift, ultimately reducing candidates from 19,000 to 800, over the course of their graduate recruitment cycle.

Stephen Isherwood, head of graduate recruitment from Ernst & Young, said: "At Ernst & Young we have a rigorous and comprehensive graduate recruitment and selection process. We've been working with Capp on our strengths-based assessment, which has revolutionised our process and seen significant results, including 15% more graduates de-selected at first interview and 12% more graduates accepted at assessment centre compared to the previous competency approach. The introduction of this new technique will allow us to further ensure that the right candidates get into the right roles.

"Being an online tool and providing applicants with an insight into the available roles, makes Capp's Situational Strengths Test incredibly attractive and when combined with a Strengths-based interview will help us identify the best graduates and the right talent for the available opportunities."

Capp recently launched its Situational Strengths Test, an online process which identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate relative to the role for which they are applying, by providing them with insights into a typical day in the vacancy that they are applying for, and examining what they would do in these situations.

By using this new assessment technique, it is possible to employ only the best candidates and the right talent for graduate roles.

Capp founding director, Dr Alex Linley, added: "We've enjoyed a very successful relationship with Ernst & Young over a number of years and they've never been afraid to explore new ideas and new ways of doing things. Integrating our Situational Strengths Test with their existing Strengths-based interviews is typical of how forward-thinking the organisation is, and supports the results that they have achieved, and for which they have won awards, through using strengths in their graduate selection process."

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