Situation Strength Test

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An online strengths sifting and selection tool for fast, reliable and efficient assessment and recruitment

The ultimate scenario test, perfect for early sifting of high volume and high value candidates

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2 way assessment process

providing candidates with a realistic preview of the situations they will face and the strengths they will need to demonstrate to be successful in role. 

Unique currently no other product like this be the first to differentiate your brand and attract for strengths and assess ussing SST

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Strengths Test

The Situational Strengths Test is a powerful online sifting and selection tool, for fast, accurate and efficient high volume candidate assessment.

Sifting large volumes of applications to find the right talent can be a challenge. That’s why we developed the Situational Strengths Test – to help you select the right people with the right strengths to deliver performance.

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What is the Situational Strengths Test?

  • A front-end, online assessment process that assesses candidates’ strengths reliably, accurately and quickly.
  • Sifts and selects high applicant volumes across a variety of role types, especially suited for graduate recruitment.
  • Provides candidates with a realistic job preview, helping to encourage self-selection.
  • Helps you to efficiently and effectively move candidates to the next assessment stage.
  • Is aligned to your culture, values and employer brand.
  • Developed from Capp’s established strengths-based assessment, recruitment and development expertise – from the people who brought you the Realise2 strengths identification tool.

How does it work?

  • Integrated within your online recruitment platform to ensure a seamless candidate experience.
  • Candidates register and answer a series of scenario-based questions.
  • Each scenario assesses the strengths that will deliver performance in the role.
  • Candidates progress or are rejected based on the strengths they demonstrate.
  • Uses the most robust and secure technology platform.

The Benefits of the Situational Strengths Test

For your organisation:

  • Cost effective candidate screening, minimal input and easy to manage.
  • Fast, efficient selection decisions that help you spot talent.
  • Early assessment of motivation and organisational fit.
  • Legally defensible with a robust selection methodology.
  • Differentiates your employer brand to applicants through your selection process.

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For your candidates:

  • Engaging and interesting selection experience.
  • Realistic job preview, giving insight into your culture and working environment.
  • Opportunity to demonstrate their strengths to deliver performance in role.
  • Fair and consistent decision making.
  • Fast and painless early stage application process.

Example Scenario

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Here is an example Situational Strengths Test scenario

You arrive back in the office just before lunchtime on Thursday, having attended a client meeting which you need to follow up and which will require most of your afternoon. Your manager, Charlotte, is extremely busy. This is not unusual, but you hear that she has just been given another critical project to manage, which reflects just how well-regarded she is in the company.

How do you feel in this situation, and what would you do?

Please RANK ORDER the options below, with 1 being what you are most likely to feel and do and 5 being what you are least likely to feel and do:

  1. 1: You are pleased by the opportunity to get involved and help Charlotte. Straight away you ask her how you can help, balancing this with the time you need for your own work.
  2. 2: You feel concerned by how much is expected of people in the time available. You want to ensure you deliver a good job yourself, so you keep focused on your own work.
  3. 3: You are quietly relieved that you’re not Charlotte. You have enough to do already, so you focus on ensuring that you get your own work done on time.
  4. 4: You are excited to be involved in a critical project. You immediately ask Charlotte how you can help her, reassuring her that you will see things through to completion.
  5. 5: You feel pleased to be part of a busy team. As soon as you have completed your own work, you ask Charlotte what you can take off her to share the load.

Please note that this example scenario is not interactive – contact us to arrange an interactive online demonstration of the Situational Strengths Test.

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  • 98%of candidates believe that an employer recognising their strengths is important
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