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Strengths Attraction

Do you want to attract the right talent, differentiating yourself as the employer of choice against your competitors?

Then Strengths Attraction is for you. It works by attracting the people to apply for the role who are best suited to the role, engaging with them through their strengths from your very first contact.

Strengths Attraction is a suite of strengths-based attraction solutions designed to differentiate your brand, attracting the best and brightest ‘right’ talent to apply to you.

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Strengths Attraction includes:

  • Strengths-based adverts that engage candidates who love to do the job and do it well.
  • Online games, quizzes and tools, that are fun and help candidates find out more about their fit with the type of person you want to recruit.
  • Strengths-based application forms that differentiate early on who has the strengths for the role and who does not.
  • Campus games for apprentice and graduate attraction, helping you stand out from the crowd in a competitive apprenticeship and graduate market.

The Benefits of
Strengths Attraction

For your organisation, Strengths Attraction delivers:

  • Brand and competitor differentiation – 67% of candidates had a more positive view of the brand through a strengths-based process.
  • Candidate attraction of the best people suited to the role – 33% increase in positive candidate perceptions.
  • Realistic job previews for potential applicants – helping them make an informed decision about where to apply, reducing applications from people who do not fit.
  • More targeted applications from people who are more likely to succeed in the role – reducing the administrative load on your recruitment process.

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For your candidates, Strengths Attraction provides:

  • A differentiated, more individualised candidate attraction experience – 85% of candidates felt the process allowed them to show who they really were, more than other processes.
  • Emotional engagement with your employer brand and recruitment offer – 75% of candidates enjoyed the strengths-based process more than other recruitment processes.
  • A realistic job preview that helps candidates decide if they will fit – ensuring they only apply to the organisations where they are likely to succeed.
  • The motivation and encouragement to apply if they believe they will succeed in the role.

To find out more about how we can help you with Strengths Attraction, call us on:

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  • 33%increase in positive candidate perceptions
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