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based Interview

Are you looking for an interview approach that differentiates the candidates who love to do the job from those who just claim they can?

The strengths-based interview goes beyond traditional competency-based interviews to take the interview experience to a whole new level.

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Get to the heart of what candidates would bring to your organisation with the Strengths-based Interview, the interview approach that:

  • Engages and involves interviewers and candidates in a rich, energising and insightful dialogue.
  • Assesses candidates’ strengths – accurately, reliably and effectively.
  • Uses rapid fire questions with only limited probes to put the focus back on the candidate.
  • Assesses for energy and motivation, as well as performance and use.
  • Is tailored to meet the time available – from interviews as short as 20 minutes.
  • Can be delivered via telephone, video interview or face-to-face.

The Benefits of the
Strengths-based Interview

For your organisation, the Strengths-based Interview delivers:

  • Clear candidate differentiation of who has the strengths to succeed in the role and who doesn’t – 15% greater de-selection at interview with 74% of assessors judging the strengths-based interview to better distinguish between low, average and high performers.
  • More honest candidate responses, delivering better assessment practice and improved selection decisions – 72% of interviewers judged the strengths-based interview to elicit less-rehearsed responses than other interview styles.
  • Greater interviewer consistency through clear scoring guides and easy-to-use interview templates.
  • Invigorated interviewers who enjoy interviews rather than dreading the process.

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For your candidates, the Strengths-based Interview delivers:

  • An interesting and engaging interview experience, where they feel the interviewer has ‘really got to know them’ – 75% of candidates enjoyed going through the strengths-based interview more than other selection processes.
  • The opportunity to showcase the strengths and experiences they would bring to the role – 85% of candidates judged that the strengths-based interview allowed them to show assessors who they really were.
  • An insight into the role and organisation, with a realistic job preview of the strengths needed to succeed.
  • A fairer selection experience – no evidence of adverse impact across multiple roles, organisations and processes – including graduate recruitment, volume recruitment and re-organisation.

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