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You have made offers to your candidates and they have accepted. But how do you ensure they fulfil their promise and deliver performance as soon as they arrive?

This is where Strengths On-boarding is designed to help you. It is a strengths-based approach that engages with and prepares new joiners, integrating their assessment and selection experience into their new role.

Strengths On-boarding ensures managers can confidently and competently realise employee potential to deliver performance through strengths from day 1.

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Strengths On-boarding includes:

  • Manager toolkits to help your managers know how best to manage the strengths of their new joiners.
  • Completion of Capp’s online strengths tool, Realise2, helping new joiners to identify their strengths and align them to their objectives.
  • Manager support and training, equipping your managers to hold powerful strengths conversations with their people as they start in their new roles.

The Benefits of Strengths

For your organisation, Strengths On-boarding delivers:

  • Increased manager capability to maximise the performance of new people from day 1.
  • Positive manager relationships established more quickly and effectively, that last over time.
  • Improved engagement, reducing the risk of your new candidate accepting a competitor’s job offer.
  • Higher performance in role from day 1 through using strengths to deliver objectives.

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For your candidates, Strengths On-boarding delivers:

  • A sense of feeling individually valued, appreciated and understood.
  • A deeper understanding of using their strengths to deliver success in the role.
  • Increased alignment between their strengths and their objectives.
  • Enhanced engagement with their new organisation.

To find out more about how we can help you with the Strengths On-boarding, call us on:

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  • 50%New recruits complete induction training 50% faster when recruited for strengths
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