Situation Strength Test

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An online strengths sifting and selection tool for fast, reliable and efficient assessment and recruitment

The ultimate scenario test, perfect for early sifting of high volume and high value candidates

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2 way assessment process

providing candidates with a realistic preview of the situations they will face and the strengths they will need to demonstrate to be successful in role. 

Unique currently no other product like this be the first to differentiate your brand and attract for strengths and assess ussing SST

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Strengths Selector

Capp’s five-step approach to strengths-based recruitment. With its modular approach, the Strengths Selector can be implemented across an end-to-end recruitment process, or just focused on the key areas you want to improve.

The Strengths Selector ensures that your strengths-based recruitment approach links seamlessly with your attraction campaigns and on-boarding activities.

Strengths Selector includes Strengths Attraction, the Situational Strengths Test, the Strengths-based Interview, the Strengths Assessment Centre and On-boarding.
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Attract the best talent from the word Go using our strengths-based adverts, online toolkits and campus games.
Situational Strengths Test logoss logo
Use our expertise as world leaders in strengths assessment to enjoy valid and effective high volume online candidate sifting.
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Our flagship product, the strengths-based interview gives both candidates and assessors the nirvana of interviews - a worthwhile, real and insightful experience.
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Our innovative exercises transform your traditional assessment centre into a 'day in the life' experience that delivers real candidate insight for robust selection decisions.
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Make your chosen candidates feel as special as they are with our suite of strengths-based on-boarding initiatives.

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