Situation Strength Test

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An online strengths sifting and selection tool for fast, reliable and efficient assessment and recruitment

The ultimate scenario test, perfect for early sifting of high volume and high value candidates

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2 way assessment process

providing candidates with a realistic preview of the situations they will face and the strengths they will need to demonstrate to be successful in role. 

Unique currently no other product like this be the first to differentiate your brand and attract for strengths and assess ussing SST

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Interview Screening

Do you need to drive greater efficiency, lower cost, and better candidate selection decisions with your front-end screening? Video interview screening is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Capp's strategic partners in asynchronous video interviewing, help to deliver our strengths-based screening interview through their state-of-the-art video interviewing platform.

The strengths-based interview is ideally suited to delivery through asynchronous video interviewing. It doesn’t depend on extensive probes or follow-ups, but gets straight to the heart of what you’re looking for in the role.

Strengths-based recruitment and video interviewing: the perfect match.

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Say goodbye to scheduling and conducting time consuming first round phone or Skype interviews.

Say hello to structured, automated video responses to your questions and tests that you can view and share when it suits.

With the Sonru video interview:

  • Candidates log in to read and record their answers, without having to be online at the same time as the interviewer.
  • Like a traditional interview, candidates don’t see the questions in advance, and they respond to one question at a time.
  • Candidates cannot stop, pause or restart an interview once they begin. Even better, you set the maximum read and answer times for each question.
  • You decide when to review the candidate responses, and they can be viewed multiple times.
  • Invite your colleagues and hiring managers to review and give feedback on candidates.
  • Kick start the preliminary selection process without interrupting your schedules.

The Benefits of the
Strengths-based Video Interview

For your organisation, the strengths-based video interview delivers:

  • Accuracy: See quickly and precisely who matches your role requirements and who doesn’t.
  • Efficiency: Save lots of time by removing the need to schedule and conduct lots of preliminary interviews.
  • Effectiveness: Make better progress / reject decisions based on seeing a complete picture of the candidate.
  • Transparency: Compare candidates easily and fairly by ensuring that everyone has a standardized and structured interview experience.

To find out more about how we can help you with the Strengths-based Video Interview, call us on:

+44 (0) 2476 323 363 or email

  • 72%of interviewers judged the strengths-based interview to elicit less-rehearsed responses than other interview styles.
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